Friday, July 10, 2009

The Last 2 Weeks

So being busy has been an understatement these last two weeks but it was very much in a good way. Rachel came up to the mountains for a 5 day stay at the ranch and we had a big time. We were able to spend alot of time outside rafting the Arkansas River, fishing the Taylor, and just enjoying our time together in such amazing surroundings. We caught the fireworks show in Crested Butte and frequented the many good places to eat in CB. Rachel caught her first 20" trout of her life and it sure was a blast for the both of us.

Between guiding clients and spending time with Rachel I was flat worn out by the time she returned home but that day my buddy Patrick arrived and we hit the river hard for a few days. Beginning with the Taylor I joined him after work and was pumped when we got a huge brown in the net. It measured 23" in the net and the picture turned out fantastic.

After getting some night fishing in I took my day off Thursday and we drove to the Frying Pan again for an amazing day on the water. We arrived Wednesday night and caught a few fish on my mysis that night before getting some shut eye for a big next day.

We fished from about 6:45 AM to the mid afternoon landing at least 25 fish and hooking probably double that. Those Pan fish sure can shake a hook.

Most of our fish were the typical football shaped rainbows your hear about on the Pan but we mixed in an amazing male rainbow and many nice browns. It was nice to get my first big Frying Pan redside that has such brilliant colors.

It was also my first chance to really test out my new Scott S4 6 weight and man was I blown away. It really puts the heat on those fish and the 9'6" makes nymphing a treat. We drove back after a fine day and finished up the day with a few hours of more night fishing. I think in about an hour or two of fishing we had 6 or so doubles to end Pat's trip on a high note. Now that I can finally breathe and have my computer back the posts will be better and more frequent.