Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saltwater Edition

Since I have not yet added any content pertaining to saltwater so i thought I may dive in to it. Recently I listened to a podcast hosted by the Itinerant Angler interviewing up-and-coming guide, Will Benson, on fly fishing the Florida keys.

I found the podcast to be extremely entertaining and informative. As a person who has tested my skills in salt water, but not the Florida keys, I was all ears. Will covered his background as a fly fisher and growing up around the ocean. He has spent his entire life around the water and boats while idolizing many famous Keys guides as a youngster.

What I really found interesting is his obsession with permit. As many know permit are a fish that require a high level of skill and knowledge to catch, especially on a consistent basis. Will seems to have many of the skills and techniques figured out when it comes to this elusive game fish. On a side note Benson confirms that the permit fishing in the Keys is better than it has ever been due mostly to their protection and ability to target the fish.

His final comments refer to the "guide environment" in Florida. I had no idea that many of the top fly fishing guides are basically unbookable. They have filled their entire year's calendar with repeat customers who book for 5-7 days at a time. His suggestion was to try and find an up and coming guide and stick with him. He may not be the best initially but given time he may progress in to an expert who rewards you for sticking with him all those years with the best possible days to catch bonefish, permit, tarpon, etc.

Since I have not fished the Florida keys I do not have any media from the area but here is a video from a previous trip to Belize to satisfy.

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