Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Been Slackin

Well since I left off alot has happened. The internet is really slow and has kept me from keeping things up to date but here are some pictures from up until now. Ive been on the water alot with clients but have been able to sneak in a few opportunities for myself as well as catch 2 days of Widespread at the Mile high Music Festival among other things. My buddy mike came in town as well as my dad and Rob. We got some awesome pictures from those outings. Enjoy!

Ozark Angler hat....BOOYAH!

24 inches of brown

Mike's 22 inch bow.

Widespread throwin down!
Does that brown above look familiar?

Another night time snake.


  1. Well, if that's what slackin' looks like, then I says "slack some more"....

    Great pics of some mondo fish!

  2. Lee it looks like you might have a couple framers.

  3. http://somethinsfishy.wordpress.com/2009/08/01/ron-brents-alaska-wilderness-adventure/

    Lee here's that blog - Go to "Matt's Alaska Journal" & there's some other good pictures also.

  4. Mr Lee, you need to get on the ball with this blog...I've been checking almost everyday since I left to see how it's going out there, but no word from Mr. Lee...Catch ya later bud

  5. Not a bad summer at all Lee!
    Are most of those night shots from the C and R? Stripping streamers?

    The last time I night fished up there my buddy caught a beaver! He didn't land it (as to be expected), but it was pretty hilarious for that 2 minutes.

  6. Great set of Pics and that Widespread pic brought back soem sweet memories of my Athen's days!

  7. Lee you need to post those gar shots on the Trinity...waiting anxiously.

  8. Dude! You been fishing or what? Missing some of those sick pics you post...c'mon man!

  9. Slack some more and have more great pics. Can't wait to see more.

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