Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well a lot has happened since my last post. Since then the caddis, stoneflies, and I even saw my first salmon fly of the season today, are coming off THICK at the ranch. My day off last week sent me to the Frying Pan to test my skills. I had never been to the river previously but I was so excited to experience another world class fishery. I took Cottonwood Pass to Buena Vista and then Independence Pass to Aspen and on to Basalt. That was the most amazing day of driving (not the quickest) I have experienced. Crossing over the Continental Divide twice and seeing some fantastic scenery was a treat. I would have liked to take more pictures but just keeping my car on the road, it breaks down to one lane at times, was enough to keep me busy. I slept at a camp ground up by Ruidi that night and was the first one on the river Friday at 6. I began at the famed toilet bowl and hooked many fish on my own deadly mysis pattern.

Just as expected landing them was another story. The jagged rocky bank wasn't like the Taylor where once you hook a pig you can run with him down stream. I stumbled and fell several times loosing fish in the 5-6 pound range even before anyone else was on the river. I even fished to an enormous 32ish inch brown that was actively feeding next to a 25ish inch rainbow but was unable to get a solid hook set to land it. Bummer but what a thrill. I also was able to land my fair share of fish topping off with a 22 1/2" brown.

The picture doesn't do it justice as my big net dwarfs the fish in it. Being alone it was the best shot I could get and I will add it and others soon. I fished the flats to let others fish the Toilet Bowl but found the educate different than I was used to, even on the Taylor. You could walk clear across the river on almost all spots and many yuppies tromped all over everyone's fish. Most of them were with guides. Go figure. It was getting way too crowded even for my taste so I was satisfied with my fish and left by lunch. On my way down I looked for the numerous public pull offs to fish but even all of them were full. MAN! The Pan lives up to its reputation of being an amazing river and extremely crowded and I am glad to have expanded my realm of rivers fished. The last few days have been filled with trips and a few interesting things. I ran into the Avery beer company owners at the ranch (my favorite IPA), broke my amazing custom made 9'6" 5 weight on a Taylor brown under the bridge, and removed a #12 fly from a gentleman's foot. I sure am glad I hooked myself back in March (check the posts to relive the funny incident) with a #4 streamer in the head and had Tony show me the proper way to remove a hook. Without that experience I would have not known. I may add a post later to explain the proper way to do that because it is bound to happen to every guide. All in all its been a great week and should get even better as my girlfriend Rachel will be arriving for a week of fun in the mountains. Look for pics and posts to come.

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  1. Have you received your new rod yet? I think ironically you had a feeling about breaking that custom..