Sunday, June 14, 2009

Some Trips

Well I finally have some photos to add from some trips the last few weeks. Eddie from Florida was my first trip and was I lucky to have a guy like him to start off with. He made things very easy and was able to do everything I said to a tee. We even opened up the day with a sweeeet double! A rainbow and cutty, that aint bad!

Here is Eddie with a nice bow as well.

Richard from Texas was also a ton of fun to guide. He was able to learn a bunch of new stuff about the sport and quickly applied it to put the hammer down on some bows and browns. Richard was also able to teach his grandson some new tricks he had learned with me and they both were soon catching fish unaided.


Here is Joe from Arizona with a nice male bow. After Joe got his casting down he was catching fish a a steady rate all afternoon.

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